The Billion Rand Feature: The Consequence of Mobile Payments in Bars, Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Posted on November 14, 2014

The coffee shops and restaurants in Cape Town are flooded with new mobile payment options. This is just the start of a wave of easier, better and more secure payment options for consumers, but we believe that the early versions of these apps could have some negative externalities on the restaurants and coffee shops that serve as their testing ground.

As much as we continually seek to understand the impact of technology on the lives of consumers, we are also intrigued by its impacts on the wider ecosystem. These changes are often small and overlooked in the development process, but could have significant impact at a larger scale or over time.

For example, our latest research paper shows that the current version of the four dominant mobile payment apps may have a billion-Rand effect on the market, just in the way that it affects how consumers tip.

Download the full report here

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